You’ll be cashing in coupons and thanking me all the way to your bank.

I can’t tell you how many times I come across businesses of all types that sit around waiting for customers to come through the door… not only that, they’re spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.  Spending, spending and hoping for the best!  What a waste!

Today’s episode throws that idea out the window and presents an easily actionable and proven way to bring thousands of new dollars in the door.  

All by building relationships with other non-competing businesses and leveraging their customers to become your new customers…  UREKA!

Roger Beaudoin - The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

In your own restaurant, when was the last time you walked outside your door and found new customers down the street, across town or even tourists passing through?  

Listen to the nuts and bolts of this very simple yet extremely effective marketing strategy for full-serve restaurants.  You’ll be cashing in coupons and thanking me all the way to your bank.

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Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!


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